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Tom Wilson, Chairman and CEO Allstate

Message from Tom Wilson,

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Being part of the Allstate Family of Companies carries a special significance. As one of America's most iconic brands, we continue a proud legacy of innovation, caring and good work, which is redefining the way people think about corporations.

At the heart of this evolution, there remains one constant: our values. It is our commitment to integrity, inclusive diversity & equity and collective success that defines who we are and how we act each and every day. These values represent our solemn responsibility to serve our customers and society—and we will not compromise them.

Our Shared Purpose defines Allstate's strategic vision and the kind of culture we need to drive results—a culture where you're not just empowered to help shape our future, you're expected to lead the way. It's an exciting time to be a part of the Allstate family, and with it comes great responsibility. It's up to each and every one of us to ensure we stay true to our purpose and the values outlined in the Global Code of Business Conduct.

The Global Code is your guide; refer to it often. If you find yourself tested, challenge yourself to do that heroic act that will ask a little more of you—defy expectations. Measure yourself in how you do the right thing, the right way, at the right time. It's how we let our customers and communities know that no matter how they come to us—or where we serve them—they can count on us. We joined this Company to make a difference. We are a force for good.

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Courtney Welton, Chairman and CEO Allstate

Message from Courtney Welton,

Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Officer

The Allstate family of companies operate under one Global Code of Business Conduct with a commitment to operate with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. Our values and conduct define our collective culture and are essential to the kind of corporation we are and intend to remain.

In a rapidly changing world, we pride ourselves on being different—a difference built on a foundation of integrity and trust. How we respond when faced with a situation that doesn't quite feel right says a lot about us, our culture and how we do business. The Global Code is meant to be a resource to help you make the right decisions as you carry out your duties every day. We all have a responsibility to integrate the principles of the Global Code into our work, to build on the trust bestowed upon us by our stakeholders and to protect our brand reputation.

The Global Code is one of many resources available to help us honor our values. Use the Global Code and refer to it often. It's the perfect complement to guide your talent, passion and purpose.

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